Men are God’s designated leaders in their home, in the church, and within their community.

Yet, so many men live in the shadows of their potential because they never feel the freedom to lead from their own strength. At The WELL, we want men to thrive in leadership and action, and to use their strength to change others’ lives for eternity. The WELL is a church for Men!! We want to encourage men to be a part of our men’s ministry within the church as we learn deeper truths, engage men in their own environments, and encourage men to lead out in their strengths. We are looking for a few good men . . . well, you know what we mean.

Join us as we begin to grow our new men’s ministry and seek to use godly strength to help others in most need.

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Join the Men of The Well this summer in studying Paul Tripp’s book, Do You Believe? Dig into 12 core doctrines and how they engage and transform the heart and mind!

12 Week Summer Men’s Study
Fridays | 6am or Saturdays | 7am
$10 to help cover book cost

Begins April 26 | 27
Ends July 19 | 20
(*Off July 5 | 6)

Men’s Fight Club Bible Studies


Starts on Friday, January 26th at 6 AM
and Saturday, January 27th at 7 AM

Why Fight Club?

Whether you realize it or not, all men are in a spiritual battle (Ephesians 6:11-13, James 4:7, II Corinthians 10:3-5), and there are devastating consequences if we don’t fight back. Have you ever seen a fight where one refused to engage in the fight? The passive fighter gets destroyed. It is the goal of Fight Club to create an atmosphere where each man is surrounded by other men to help fight things like their flesh, apathy, spiritual stagnation, passivism, and laziness.

Who is Fight Club for?

Fight Club is for the guy who wants to fight alongside other men. It is for the guy who wants to get beyond the “Did you watch the Cowboy’s game last week?” or the “How was your week?” “Busy” conversations that we have week in and week out. It is for the guy who wants to fight for his wife’s spiritual growth and the spiritual growth of his children. It is for the guy who wants to fight in such a way that he is conformed into the image of Jesus Christ.


Men’s Pastor